Bitmain Antminer T17+, S17+ Socket connect failed :Connection refused, how to resolve?

Bitmain release The antminer T17+ 58T and S17+ 73 several month ago. But many people have such problem on miner status:

Socket connect failed :Connection refused

1, First power off the machine, plug off the data cables of the motherboard and psu.

2, Then plug in again, and plug them tightly, must plug tightly

3, Please find the reset button(Note: reset button need to be used when the miner start up between 2min-10min), press the reset button for 5 seconds, then wait, then the miner will be recovery to factory mode.

4, Update the newest firmware, download the firmware from Bitmain

After reloading the Antminer firmware, check the following:

5. You need to yourmining pool URLs and settings. Any error, including spelling errors or spaces in the pool URLs, maycause this problem too

inspect and confirm your internet and network is stable. Mostof customers do not know that their network configurations or router settings can cause this problem. You may use the Ping button under the “Network” and then “Diagnostic” to make sure your miner can receive data.

If this way is still not work, The miner maybe defective, please contact us for repair, we will repair for you for free within 6 month warranty, and We will afford the return shipping cost for repair.

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